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Busy Affiliate Marketers...Writing effective email messages to your prospect can take the better part of an hour to write just one email, let alone a months worth of emails. Then there's picking the right topic, what and how to say it. In today's world, the whole relationship building sequence can no longer be the 'hard sell', but rather real information, recommendations and above all, trustworthy messages. So...

Avoid The Frustration and Boredom and Save Yourself over 51 hours of "email writing time" and convert your prospects into customers with these effective, specifically targeted personally written email messages that "talk to" your prospects rather than "at them".


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When I first saw this  information I was absolutely dumb founded that it was for free. It is amazing value and you should be charging at least $497 for this stuff alone. I can't wait to get my hands on your real products ! Joyce Ann, Sydney  Australia.  dcmo@me.com

This was the easiest email campaign I have ever set up. And it was fully functional in less than 4 Hours. Thanks guys, you made my day. PS - I fully recommend this to others - especially cause its free, but more importantly it is well written and targeted to my niche. Robert Jacobs, Nevada USA rjjacobs@gmail.com

Why are we giving away such value?

Because when I started affiliate marketing there we heaps of people saying promote this and promote that - but no one showed us how to set up the email messages to sustain and build a relationship with the prospects.

Now I am wanting to share some of my best work with real people who need a hand in affiliate marketing because I know it is difficult when you are trying to juggle it all and get going. Even the seasoned affiliate marketers run short of time, and these pre-written effective messages will save you tonnes of time !   It's That Simple !.


Specifically designed for the Busy Affiliate Marketer ..

Pre-written, Fast, Effective and simple. All you need to do is "copy and Paste" and add your affiliate link! It is literally that simple. There are pre-written blog posts and a targeted professional eMagazine as well, to Save you HOURS of frustration and time consuming typing email campaigns.

This package alone will literally save you well over 51 hours of email writing time -  and  set you up in that niche as the expert. Your Instant AutoResponder Messages that will deliver results.

Promote great products with great content and be the expert that people trust and buy from, but don't have the time to set up a whole email campaign. And even the action packed free report contains real information that you can implement straight away and benefit.

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Hot Niches currently include:

Fat Burning and Dog Training are two of the hottest niches around at present. The point is - there are many hot niches out there that you can capitalize on,... But you need the backup of a great email and marketing system to make it all work for you (rather than you working for it). Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting great products, and making money to afford you the lifestyle that you deserve.

An example of the effective emails and professional eMagazines are shown below..(just add your links)



These are just some examples of the files that are included in the overall Instant AutoResponder Messages package. Great information and lots of opportunity to place your affiliate links and products...


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PS - If you only do what you have always done, then you will only ever get what you have always got ! Warning! By implementing these pre-written autoresponder email messages you will save yourself over 51 hours of effective writing time, frustration and stress ! Re-invest this time wisely doing what you want!

PPS - The only thing you have to do is Copy and Paste them into your AutoResponder, add your Affiliate links, then sit back and enjoy the ride!. Just remember they come with blog posts, professional eMagazines and an effective email marketing report specifically for the effective affiliate marketer.

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