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An extraordinary 51 Hours generated in one day by "magic button".

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copy and paste are not dirty words.

Hi firstname,
I believe there are two universal words that mean so much to so many.
We are all plagued by the notion to be 'original' and 'efficient' at the same time.
Copy and Paste are so often missued today. People are so protective of their content, their
writing style, and their chances. But used right, copy and paste can by your biggest and best friend.
I found a program that encourages straight copy and paste into your followup sequence that is absolutley targeted and effective. There is even a mechanism to 'slot in' your affiliate links in about 2 minutes flat!
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Three words, Busy. Affiliate. Marketer.

Firstname I bet you as flat out as I am when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.
I know that when I find a great product with loads of activity and sales, I do my best to jump onto the ban wagon…
I also know that it takes time to write the dang messages. Like it or not it is a hard fact, we need to have a good followup sequence to be successful in this business.
My biggest problem is that I never have 'time' to do this justice and make the most of it.
(write the emails, pick the product links, reference it all, blar blar blar… it is a big task)

I finally found this program that does all of this for you… Absolutely a gem stone I tell you!
I was so impressed, I grabbed the system myself, because I am an extremely busy affiliate marketer.
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Happy Marketing
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Article 1
3 Key Email Marketing Elements that Super Affiliates do in their Sleep

Affiliate marketing is all about finding someone else’s product and promoting it using all modes of media that you can. Email is one of the best methods to do effective follow-up. In this article we discuss the 3 key elements of permission based email marketing and follow-up that super affiliates do when conducting their campaigns, even in their sleep.

Lets consider the finer points of email marketing that will enhance the relationship with your prospects and flow on to increased sales.
There are a number of aspects that are important in the compilation of emails, but without a doubt they can be divided into major points and minor points that will either make or break your email campaign. The three aspects that are on the cutting edge are discussed below.

1. Relationship. The key to the whole email follow-up system is regular well written emails that form a good relationship with your prospects. Since the messages go directly to your prospect, they should be very targeted without 'scaring them off' into cyberspace by ‘over selling them’ or by doing the dreaded ‘hard sell’. Remember the five most important words when writing to prospects: WIIFM - What's In It For Me. The whole email campaign is about the prospect, not about you as the marketer. Your only relationship in this equation is to to provide them with the relevant information that they are interested in. Form a good relationship by asking WIIFM (as the prospect), and does it align with their interests without overselling.
2. Relevancy. All the information has to align with the prospects interests. It doesn't matter if you have the latest / best gadget in the world, if it is not relevant to the prospect, then it is not about them, and you will be wasting their time. In fact, promote useless 'sales' and 'information' about other stuff to your prospect and they will lose interest very quickly and they will just think you are another 'in your face sales person'. If you are going to offer them products and information, they have to be relevant.  You can introduce other items that are remotely related only over time, and in a controlled manner. Remember to be relevant to keep your relationship.
3. Interest. People read things when they are interested. They also buy things when they are interested. If you keep up the level of interest, you will succeed. Writing styles can vary, and you need to show that you are a real person in your emails, and keep the reader interested. If you are as bland as a piece of paper, then perhaps get someone else to write for you. If you are good at writing, then use this to your advantage (without writing a book in each email). The title / subject line has to be catchy, and your topic has to fulfill any 'promises' in the opening statements. You can promote products in your emails, but you have to mix it up with meaningful information that the prospect can use. Its all about balance.

Super Affiliates do not really have super powers. They just recognize the fundamental elements that people thrive on. They are consistent and send interesting information that is relevant to nurture the lasting relationships. It is all about building trust and a good lasting relationship by presenting them with information that they want, that they are interested in. If your target audience (your prospects) signed up to receive information on Dog Training, you would only discuss topics and products specifically about dog training and close related topics. They are not interested in the latest product on weight loss, or money making. Your prospect wants information (from you) about dog training. If by chance they want information about money or weight loss, they did not give you permission to send them information on that. They gave you permission to send them information and product links on dog training.

Remember the Golden Rules - Relationship, Relevancy and Interest. Fulfill all three of these key elements, and you will prosper beyond your expectations. (Replace XXXX with Your Clickbank Affiliate ID)


Article 2
5 Essential Success Secrets for Affiliate Email Marketing

People use the internet to buy things everyday. A fair majority of website sales are referred sales where an affiliate sent the customer to the vendor. The successful marketers recognize that most people buy over the internet for one of two reasons;

1. People don’t have time to physically go ‘shopping’ for goods and services, and are generally of the opinion that it is just easier to buy online.
2. People generally believe they will get a better price online – because there are
no ‘overheads’ with shop fronts and over inflated middle men pricing.

Right or wrong, this works well for successful affiliate marketers, because they implement the 5 essential Success Secrets. The super affiliates use email marketing to boost their ongoing sales and stability. Now the beauty of email follow-up is you have a captive – very targeted audience. People on your list are there because they are interested in what you are interested in and what you are selling. Provided you don’t abuse this privilege, you will do well. A recent study concluded that 80% of people who inquire about a product, buy that product within one year of the initial inquiry. If you are there when they need you, ready to buy, you will indeed get the sale. That is why they call this system a “wishing well”.  You are there when people need or more like it “wish” to buy. You can basically generate cash on demand when you have a successful system.

Now you may ask, how do I get one of these ‘successful systems’ and how
does it work ?
1. Find the target audience who are hot in your niche
2. Give them great information and keep them interested.
3. Provide your customers the opportunity to buy through your system.
4. Treat people like people, with respect and dignity.
5. People will respect you as the expert in this field, and keep coming back to you.

1. Target Audience. Using an ‘optin form’ or ‘signup form’ on your website or blog people join your newsletters and email updates list. In their words they give you permission to send them information. You will have an ‘unsubscribe’ link on each and every email (as legally required), which gives them the opportunity to exit your system any time they want. In order to get people to sign up to you list, you offer them an incentive, a free report or something else that they want for free. You drive traffic to your site using internet traffic tools like “pay per click ads”, articles or videos etc. This however is a discussion for another day.

2. Relevant Information. In each follow-up message you give them exciting, relevant and interesting news about their topic. This trains the reader to ‘want’ to open your email and see what exciting news you might have for them.

3. An Opportunity to Buy. When your ‘talk to your customers’ through email etc, you are sending a message. The other missing part of the message should be that you have ‘seen’ or have ‘access to’ the solution to their problems. This is done though an email or web link on the email.
If the prospects are curious, and want to see what they might be missing out on, they are more likely to click through. In short – provide adequate links to your products and affiliate sites on your emails. However this does not mean over-doing it or ‘shoving’ it down their throat.

4. Treat People with respect.
In today’s climate where the world is getting faster and faster, good decent communications and respect seem to lack. It is imperative to have a great relationship to keep up the good re pour with your customers. Treat them with respect, and not like idiots. People will like this, and eventually buy one of your products through your links when they ‘wish’ (and are ready).

5. Repeat customers.
Its rather simple but imagine using an electrician to do some work on your home. If they do a good job and treat you well (without ripping you off), you are more likely to get them back to do other work without even comparing prices with other customers. This is because you feel comfortable with them and have built up a ‘relationship’ with them. The same rings true for online marketing. Make a good impression, give great value for money and treat people like people, not like idiots, and you will have good repeat customers. This runs true for small items and large ticket items as well.

So instead of just having a “wishing well”, where you “wish” that things go well, you can actually plan for success and prosper. by implementing the 5 success secrets listed above.

Email marketing is fun and very rewarding, especially when you are making money. (Replace XXXX with Your Clickbank Affiliate ID)


Article 3
The real Reason why Email marketing won't work

Email marketing can be done the right way – or the wrong way.
Effective Affiliate marketing is all about finding someone else’s product and promoting it using all modes of media that you can, but there is a right way to do it, and a wrong way.

The Right way.
It is not about -recreating the product, but sending them great information and products, news and points of interest about their
niche, relevant to them, (your prospect and customer).

Email marketing is one form of affiliate marketing, and it is not about us as the marketer. It is all about the customer and fulfilling
their needs. The tools and info we send them should include emails, blog posts and newsletters, great relevant product links that may
help them, and other offline media as necessary.

Quality information and great product offers presented before the customer is not an intrusion, it is in fact a fulfillment of their expectation.
The customers want to get great information and product offers, news and updates, and any of the 'experts opinions' in their field. Why ? because that’s what interests them – that’s why thy opted into your list in the first place.

Quality emails build a relationship with the reader, and helps sell you as the expert in your field, and your customers and prospects grow to
trust you and your opinion.  Your emails should be written as though you are speaking to them. They are real people. (more on this in another part series).

Now you will get some people unsubscribing anyway (as it is not exactly what they were after) – but the vast majority will stay with you. If you retain over 85% week in and week out then you are doing well.

The Wrong Way
On the other hand if you don't set up a great relationship and do the hard sell on your customer list every single week, then
they will quickly lose faith in your expertise and ignore you or unsubscribe. It will take about 2 emails and they will be out of there
quicker than a speeding bullet.

It is all about the relationship, and if you fail to portrait that, then your opt outs will be as quick as your opt ins.

Relationship building is an art and it should not be taken for granted. The ‘tone’ or writing style can offend people without even you knowing it. It is imperative that you mind your attitude when writing the emails. You have to remember that they are real people reading your message, and if you forget that simple fact, then you have lost the race.

You don’t want to be ‘in their face’ with sales and offers in every email. Hard selling, especially in email marketing will now work against you.
You are far better telling your story, keeping it light hearted and ‘mention’ the product, or discuss it and perhaps discuss one or two points about it. Soft selling is being a person and talking about things. Hard selling is being a sales person barking at your audience. Remember that “no one like to be sold”. People like to buy and feel as though they got a bargain – at their choice, and in their control.

Don’t Assume. You know what they say. “To Assume makes an Ass out of U and Me” So you can’t assume that people will love what you saying, or what you are offering. You can’t even assume that they are reading your emails, or like to ‘tone’ of your emails. It is important that you keep an eye on this fact, and listen to your customers where possible. If you assume, then you will be practically “selling people” and you have to remember the Golden rule – no one likes to be sold.

Talking about irrelevant junk that has nothing to do with your prospect will turn people off – unless you can relate the story back to their topic. People’s time is valuable and if you waste it – you will lose them.

Spam is a definite no no. This topic is discussed in detail in the email report, which I strongly urge you to re-read for your own sake. Spam is annoying and against the law.

So, you can market the right way – or the wrong way. Do it right, and you will prosper, do it wrong, and you will ultimately pay for it. (Replace XXXX with Your Clickbank Affiliate ID)


Article 4
5 Reasons why The soft Approach Trumps Hard Sell every time.

The "soft approach" sales method is not 'in your face', and recommends solutions to problems. It forms a long lasting relationship. The Hard sell is up front and often 'pressure selling', and sells a product. There are 5 main reason why people prefer 'buying' rather than 'being sold'. .

Lets discuss some home truths about marketing and sales:
1. Everyone loves a bargain.
2. Everyone is nervous when buying online.
3. If you offend someone, they are basically gone !
4. The hard sell approach rarely works today, people would rather the ‘soft approach’.
5. Review and recommend a product, and you will gain more trust.

They are all valid reasons, so lets discuss them in greater detail, and see why the soft approach will trump the hard sell every time.

1. The bargain. People will rave about a bargain they got for days – even weeks. Give the customer great value for money and they will jump at the chance even when they shouldn’t. By stacking the sale into the customers favor (absolute great value for money), they will get a bargain, and you will walk away with a sale. You need to take away all the risk. Soft selling is discussing the problem and the solution, not the product. Discuss the solution, and how the customer can win.

2. Are you nervous when buying online ? Well you are not alone. Everyone is very nervous about giving away their personal details online. Buying products online takes courage and a lot of trust. There are a lot of sharks out there, and your customers need to be sure that you are not one of them. You need to be totally trustworthy, speak in real terms, reassure your prospects and customers that you are interested in the topic, and providing great information to your followers. This helps build re pour and trust. That way when you send through great offers and affiliate products, they will trust your judgement. Don’t get caught up in offering “shonky deals” or things that are “too good to be true”. Your reputation is one thing that takes a long time to build, and overnight to destroy (if you are not above reproach).

3. Don’t offend people. Just like in the real physical world, it is easy to offend people online. Your “language” and tone of writing needs to be carefully considered. We are now dealing with an international market. Just because something in your country is OK within your country, it may offend some people in other countries. Be yourself, but if you need to tone down your writings to be more mellow, then do so. Humor rarely works in writing, and if so, can offend some groups easily. You are better off sticking with simple life experiences, and stories, that are non offensive, and relevant to your topic. The reason this is important is because once you offend someone, they are likely to ‘unsubscribe’ or leave your site, or worse, label you as “offensive” and not trustworthy. Keep your reputation and honor in tact.

4. Avoid the hard sell. Today people are receiving information and sales messages virtually all day and everyday. They are sick of having products “rammed down their throat”. That is the old Hard Sell. Honestly, I hate it myself.  Soft selling on the other hand is so much more profitable. Soft selling is discussing the problem and the solution, not the product. If you need to reference the product, you only do it in a non “confronting manner”. Just remember that it is about the customer – not you.

5. Review and recommend. People can make their own informed decision about products once you give them all the information. Sometimes a simple solutions can be the best. People trust other people, not ‘sales people’. Be a person. Be their information expert and discuss their solution to their problem (not a product pusher). The whole system is about trust. How many times have you acted upon advice from a trusted friend, simply because they had a good experience or good words to say about a product they used. Basically your friend gave you a good review and you trusted their judgement. The same is true here. Be that trusted friend, and give them good information, they will act on it because they trust you and your opinion. Don’t hard sell, it will only dampen your reputation. If you need to hard sell, this should happen very very rarely, and you need to be aware of the language you use when doing this method. Most of the time, it is just not worth it. I’m saying just be very careful.

I hope you understand what this is all about. Your reputation. It can make you or break you. Just remember that people want to buy a solution, not be sold a product. Make sure you remain trustworthy, and always use the soft approach. In closing, recommend great solutions, not products. (Replace XXXX with Your Clickbank Affiliate ID)


Article 5
Is Once a Week Too Frequent ? Perhaps Your Spouse May Not Agree.

We raise a very important question – how frequent is too frequent? and how much follow-up is too much follow-up ?
Yes we are actually talking about Email follow up and marketing. You may think you can saturate your prospects, but your spouse would probably agree that you can never have too much good information and sales.

It is very interesting to see the vast variations on this topic. But one thing is for sure, when you are on a good thing with heaps of variety, everyone wants more.  So what's the answer I hear you ask ?

The answer may not be so obvious.

 When you are interested in a topic, you enjoy getting good, non repetitive, interesting, informative, up-to-date and special deals on the topic. But the moment you lose interest, the information can become a burden and annoying. The question of how frequently is frequently, and when is it annoying really depends on the customers or prospects' level of interest.
Now this should ring opportunity bells here. The key is keeping them interested. Doing your best to keep the topic alive and exciting.
If on the other hand you manage to 'babble on' and maintain a level of mediocrity, then your followers will quickly fizzle out.

This brings up two things.
1. your content is boring and needs to be delivered in an 'up beat' method to make it exciting...
2. Your content is actually exciting but you have presented it in a boring and dull way.

The truth is the ball is in your court.
You have to look at the information and assess its level of excitement, and adjust the delivery accordingly.

The truth is that no one likes to be hammered week in and week out with buy buy buy. Even if the offer is great, people get sick of being 'sold'. Make your content exactly that - content. Information that they can use and benefit from. That means that every 3rd or 4th email or communication can be a promotion, but no more.
Remember that it is about the customer and prospect, not you (the marketer).

So now lets answer that lingering curly question...
Frequent is "too frequent" when they may get sick of being bombarded by meaningless information or promotions that are being thrust upon them. Frequent is "not frequent enough" if they are thirsting for more information and have to go else where to satisfy their needs.
Frequent is :just right" when you are satisfying their level of intrigue, and giving them the best promotions without wasting their time or money, that they are glad to open, read and talk about with their friends.
Email too much and you could be considered annoying. (Once a day - every day all year)
Email too little, and it is more likely to be labeled as  s. p. a. m.  because you only email when you want something. (Once a month or once every 3 or four months.)
Email just right. People look forward to your communications. (once a day in the beginning, then once a week for the remainder of the year).
This of course is just a guide, and is different for different markets.

So what do we get from this ? Its all in the combination of frequency, delivery, content and level of interest. Ask yourself this question, would you as a customer bother reading or looking at the messages that you send ? Perhaps ask your spouse for their opinion. There in lies your answer. (Replace XXXX with Your Clickbank Affiliate ID)



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