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Free Web Site Traffic Sources

One of the definite advantages to online marketing is the availability of loads of free web site traffic sources. There are exactly hundreds you can choose from to suit your industry and website, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, EzineArticles, Squidoo, USFreeAds, Craigslist, traffic exchanges, safelists, and more. This piece will speak about a lesser known technique to make free web site traffic: making newsletter emails.

Despite the fact that all the free methods of getting traffic to your website work incredibly well, they can take a bit of time and reliability in your attempts before you start seeing the desired outcomes. However you can acquire a so-called jump start on your efforts by making newsletter articles. If you’ve tried article marketing, you already have the idea on how to do newsletter articles. The only different thing is where you submit them. The hardest part of the total process is finding somebody who will publish your articles. And it’s actually not difficult, just a bit time consuming. However, the results are immediate.

Here’s how it works out. Editors of newsletters constantly need good content, chiefly if their newsletter is published frequently. So, some of them will allow you to publish your piece for free, in exchange for offering them the job. The key is to make sure that your article is well-written and contains valuable information. And then, the secret to getting traffic to your website is to offer compelling info in the resource box at the end of the article, with a short description of you and/or what you recommend, and the link to your website.

After you’ve decided the topic of your content, as it relates to your website of course, then you need to search for newsletters in your topic. In order to get the utmost burst of visitors, find at least 10 newsletters (better 20) that will take free newsletters. Find out how many followers each newsletter has. Generally, the most triumphant and important ones will publish this information. Submit your article to the one with the most number of subscribers initially and continue down the list. But make sure that you delay a couple of days in between each submission so that you avoid having similar articles published by several newsletters on the same day, causing embarrassment to them and likely denial of any upcoming articles from you.

When you’ve finished sending the article to every one of the newsletters on your list, submit it to other directories (such as, for example) that hold articles that other newsletters can send to their followers. Remember that the key to gaining the best results with this in terms of free web site traffic is to create good content. You don’t need to be an expert writer, but your article should be free of grammatical and spelling blunders, and more importantly, offer beneficial information that answers the questions or solves the problems of your target followers.

Methods in Getting Free Traffic Online – Escalating Traffic for Your Site

In today’s competitive market, having an online business has become the norm. People are establishing online businesses as it offers them a better target market and thus more customers. However, many websites are not able to draw in prospective customers due to the excessive number of competitors willing to do the same. Getting traffic for your websites is believed to be an ongoing experience. There is not one formula alone which can aid people in getting visitors.

People hire specialists who charge a lot of cash and still do not give out the required result. There are some clear-cut and cost effective tips which can be followed by individuals to achieve their goal of an improved amount of traffic for their website. Prevalence of a website is important for every marketer in order to earn some revenue. Some simple steps can help people in getting free traffic online.

There are many tips people will come across but the combination of a few is effective. However, it is also dependent on the type of business. SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most widespread techniques which are being utilized nowadays. It involves the use of keywords and back links to intensify visibility in the search engines. Beginning your own affiliate program is another useful technique which can help people in directing traffic to their websites. They will use the knowledge and work of others to get traffic and thus will salvage cost. Many websites are eager to help people in making their own affiliate programs.

Content management is one more thing which has to be taken into account. The content should be such that it attracts individuals instead of boring them insensible. An exciting content is bound to hang on to people and entice them back. Classified ads are another effective method of boosting the traffic levels of your site. By advertising in the right site and at the right time, individuals can increase the number of visitors. Using social networking will bring about extremely fruitful results as it has become very common for people to take advantage of twitter, Facebook etc. With these sites, your website can get the popularity you want.

With the suitable content, it is also probable for people to exchange links with others. Other webmasters will network to your content if it’s useful and appealing and you can trade your link with them. This will lead to extra number of hits within a few days. Folks can also circulate press releases which allow them to promote their website in the right manner. More and more visitors will visit your site. It is also suggested that one should comment on blogs. Commenting on various blogs and answering queries of others will also direct people to your site.

There is also accessible software, which are uniquely designed to aid people in getting free traffic online. Nevertheless, it is more beneficial if people stick to the simple ways mentioned above to boost the level of traffic and thus acquire a free mass traffic for their site in a short period of time.

100 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website – Part 3

41. Initiate a Forum

Forums are a good way to get more traffic to your site. By creating a forum, you are also building a community around your site where people can organize talks and just hang out at your site.

42. Post Links on highly visible Facebook Pages

Popular Facebook Pages usually allow you to advertise on their Wall since they want to welcome enthusiastic discussions on the page. Take the chance to post your link on their Facebook Page wall so that you can obtain the massive amount of traffic already there on your site. It is, nonetheless, strongly advisable for you to give constructive and useful content while posting on their walls so that your content will not be considered spam and prevent you from being expeled from the page.

43. Include your Site in Directories

Most directories offer the free alternative to add your URL to their recordings. You will be able to get some high quality backlinks by adding your site to the directories. This is to make your site rank well on Google.

44. Include your Blog in Blog Directories

Blog-only directories will get you more link juice and traffic from people who are browsing the directory. So, do add your blog URL to blog directories to build up your site exposure.

45. Make Links with Other Web Masters

Another useful way to get more traffic is to put your site link on another website related to your niche. Most webmasters don’t mind doing a link barter with you if you are to give a reciprocal link on your site as well. In this way, Google looks at the links as two way links. However, one way links are thought to be more powerful than two way links. Hence, if you have two sites, develop links with other bloggers by connecting them with one site and having them connect to the other. This way you and the blogger both get one way links. If you have three or more blogs you can apply this same approach internally.

46. Do Ad Swaps with Other Individuals in Your Niche

Cross promote by completing ad swaps with someone in your niche to obtain more traffic and make a substantial email list. Firstly, get hold of someone in your niche with a related sized email list. Send an email regarding their opt-in offer to your record, and they will respond by sending an email about your opt-in offer to their list. Here’s a place where you can obtain adswap partners:

47. Submit Press Releases

A press release is a written or recorded communication addressed at members of the news media for the intent of announcing something newsworthy. This may be an old school method, but press releases still succeed. Here’s an excellent software that will aid you with your PR submission: Press Equalizer.

48. Locate JV Partners

Partner with other folks in your niche to promote your merchandise or services.

49. Do Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research assists you in finding appropriate keywords that are high in demand but low in level competition. Make use of the Google Keyword tool to pull together this information and then exploit it for search engine optimization or cost per click campaigns to get your site ranked and be found by prospective clients. Or you could use an amazing Keyword Research software like: Micro Niche Finder.

50. Google AdWords

Pay Per Click marketing is also incredibly effective in getting added traffic to your site. It is highly suggested if you have a sales focus that more than pays for the expense of the traffic. Dodge PPC advertising if you do not have a product that you are already making sales with.

51. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads permit you to target your particular market according to their demographics, geographical residence and the users’ choices. As a result of Facebook’s great user base, you have a large group to market to even if you wind it down to your niche.

52. StumbleUpon Ads

StumbleUpon Ads are great if your content is extremely entertaining and controversial because it can start going viral fairly quickly.

53. Upload your power-point presentations onto

Create interesting and eye-catching presentations. Upload it onto and include the URL or links of the sites you want to send traffic to in your slides.

54. Post trainings on

Do you have familiarity on certain topics that others are looking to be taught? Create online courses and post them to and watch your content go viral. Courses can take place in the form of videos, articles, project files or just answering queries.

55. Conduct video interviews of influential people in your industry

Video interviews are significant to drive more traffic to your website and promote it. Do video interviews with influential people in your industry so you have the credibility factor to attract your niche market to actually watch your video. What’s more, the content comes simply by the answers the person yields. You are simply asking queries while valuable content is given by the expert.

56. Join a tribe such as is a group of bloggers in different niches grouped in tribes. Every time you publish a new content, every person in your tribe will tweet it to their subscribers. And you do the same for everyone in your tribe. This will take your blog off the ground and buzzing with traffic in a short while.

57. Set your business up with Google Places

97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Therefore, your site will get more traffic if you were to record it with Google Places.

58. Buy Ads on a Website

Many site owners who hold well-built sites are willing to retail ad space for really cheap prices. Email the site owner to purchase hyper targeted traffic.

59. Paid Site Review

Get a professional blogger to re-examine your site to pick up excellent backlinks and benefit from the exposure to their group. You can discover some of them at

60. Business Cards

Incorporate your website address on your business card and let people be aware of your site when you give it to them.

100 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website – Part 1

1. Write a Roundup Post

A roundup post is an entry that tells about a group of individuals in your niche. This tactic is used to build rapport with influencers in your topic. Let them see that you are reaching out to them and marketing their content. More often than not, this leads to them giving you back the favor by blogging or tweeting about you. If they are indeed influential in your niche, their return of favor will be sending great traffic your way.

2. Interview Professionals in Your Niche

If you can make interviews with specialists in your niche, your credibility will be really boosted, thus generating more traffic. All you have to do is ask email experts a variety of questions that is relevant to your niche and get some great content from their answers. Also, form relationships with these experts as you never know when a powerful partnership will come to your door.

3. Twitter Traffic

Twitter can be a huge source of traffic for you if you know how to build your Twitter network on a daily basis. Your aim with Twitter is to link and build connections and these relationships can show the way to more traffic. A single Twitter post can become so viral that it can send tens of thousands of visitors to your sites if done in the right method.

4. Set up a Facebook Page

Research has shown that people are spending more time on Facebook than any other site on the net. By being in front of such enormous traffic, you have the best chance of being noticed on the vast web. Set up a Facebook Page for your site and put a “Like Box” into your site so that your visitors will see you are on Facebook and join as a fan on your Facebook Page.

5. Create an Infographic

If you are terrific with design, you can use the statistics of any subject and create an infographic to stand for the figures. Infographics can go viral incredibly easily as people like to share them all over the net. Do remember to include your site URL within the infographic so that you can get the traffic when it is re-blogged elsewhere on the internet. You know what? Forget about being great with design, you can outsource it to somebody else to get it made for you!

6. Form a .pdf Cheatsheet

Create cheatsheets with important information about a particular topic and include your site address where possible in the document. People love content such as this and there is a very good chance that it will grow viral being shared on the net.

7. Create a Memorable Domain

Domain names often give people a first impression of the site. A good quality domain will be a magnet for the enormous amounts of traffic. The most effective domains are the “.com” domains.

8. Produce Videos on YouTube

One of the prevalent search engines other than Google is none other than YouTube. So, it is vital to include YouTube in your arsenal of traffic strategies. Generate your own YouTube channel. Fabricate and upload creative videos with interesting content to your YouTube station. Using the “annotation” feature while revising YouTube videos, you can add a call to action for viewers to go your site URL. Another strategy is to interconnect your videos with comments so as to get more views and more traffic. Optimize your YouTube station by including a link back to your site in the profile information on the left panel. Here’s an admirable Youtube course: Video Traffic Academy.

9. Optimize your YouTube videos with searchable keywords

After making and uploading exciting video content to YouTube, optimize your YouTube videos by labeling your video with searchable keywords. For phrases, do not forget to include the quotation punctuation.

10. Insert video responses to YouTube videos

Look for other videos uploaded on YouTube that are related to your video content by looking for your keywords in the YouTube search engine. Opt for the popular videos with a lot of views and add a video reply to that YouTube video. You can see this option by the comments section.

11. Syndicate your Videos with TubeMogul

TubeMogul is a video marketing platform for syndicating video content to other video sites. Though the majority of your video views will come from YouTube, you will also be able to direct a considerable quantity of niche traffic to your website by syndicating your video content to smaller video sharing websites. Do remember to include a link back to your site in your profile while setting up accounts on the different video channels.

12. Watermark your Videos

To watermark your videos is putting an image overlay, which connects to the URL of the domain you intend to drive traffic to, on top of a video. This can be done using a video editing program, more specifically, a screen capture video program like Camtasia Studio. This software works well on PC and MAC and even has a free trial of 30 days.

13. Screencast Videos

Creating screencast videos is a helpful way you can use to drive traffic to your site. One technique is to attach a screencast near the end of the video to persuade visitors to check out your site. Talk about it for a short while, pointing out the great things visitors can find on your site. Some software I would recommend is Camtasia or Jing.

14. Make Guest Posts

Loads of bloggers or webmasters have viewers to their sites amounting more than your own. Talk to these individuals and ask them if they would like for you to make a post for their blog. Not only will you possibly get traffic flocking to your website, it will also get you excellent backlinks that will boost the ranking of your website on Google. In addition, you would have made a friend or friends and build relationships in the process.

15. Build an Email List

Building an email list enables you to drive more traffic to your website at the touch of a button. With a substantial quantity of subscribers in your email list, you may also build a community around your website or even your niche and in the long run make sales after you have established relationships with your list. However, it takes time, effort and the appropriate strategies to catch the attention of people to subscribe to your list. Also, it is necessary to use an autoresponder service to build your email list. You can look into Aweber, iContact or GetResponse for autoresponder services as mentioned.

16. Make use of Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is a landing page used to capture potential leads on the internet who are interested in what you have to present. In this way, you will assemble a traffic getting list very quickly.

17. Write a Free eBook

An eBook is a book-length digital publication read on PCs or other electronic gadgets. They have a high estimated value and are a good way to build a huge email list. To make an eBook, you just have to copy and paste site posts you already have written into a document and convert it into a PDF. Offer this eBook for free with the exchange that they subscribe to your email list.

18. Present your eBooks to eBook directories

Once you have written your eBook, present it to eBook directories. eBook directories operate similarly with other online directories. They just list a number of eBooks on their directory and individuals actually go to these directories to find information. In this way, not only does your site gain more traffic, people will also get to know you as an author. The solution to making it viral is to impart great and interesting content.

19. Establish an Autoresponder Email Series

Having an email list is not enough, there has to be a technique to get your marketing and promotion messages across to your listing. An autoresponder is an email marketing tool that once set up will automatically send out emails to a subscriber in particular time intervals after they subscribe to your email list. Setting up an autoresponder email series entails some thought and planning. Ideally, your autoresponder emails must contain content for every significant article on your site and each email should possess a call to action planned to get the reader to click through to your website.

20. Create an Ecourse

A simple yet effective way to commence your email series is by offering a 5-day / 7-day email course where you send out emails automatically for the next 5/7 days to build a strong relationship and confidence with your subscribers. Add in links in your email for them to revisit your site. Once you have created a substantial list of raving subscribers, you will be able to generate a sustainable amount of traffic that is going to your site.

How to help Compare Affiliate marketing

Many rookies to website advertising like to help compare web affiliate marketing with other tricks for making capital. The draw of web affiliate marketing is tough, especially when you are new and got no product or service to offer for sale. You can visit many affiliate sites (like Clickbank, Money Junction, Amazon online, or some CPA networks, just to say a few), register for the product you need to promote, and get started. There is no investment required, and a sales page is already prepared for you. Also, many affiliates offer support for their members.

Another big benefit for affiliate marketing is that you do not have to keep an inventory. And if you choose Clickbank as your web network, there is really no inventory to store anyway because its merchandise are chiefly digital. This is something to be mindful of if and when you prefer to create your own digital product or service.

Perhaps one of the largest appeals of affiliate marketing is that the sky is the limit concerning how much you can earn. The more you put up for sale, the more you gain, and nobody or practically nothing can cap your earnings, unless, of course, you take a step that is unethical or simply illegal.

You are your own big boss the moment you become a full-time affiliate marketer. You have no one to respond to but yourself. And you may want team up with many other like-minded individuals in order to boost your income and knowledge. Affiliate marketing compared to some sort of nine-to-five jobs, the leading feature is that you can work anytime and anywhere. All you must have is a high speed web connection.

So these are the reasons why more and more people want to at least try web affiliate marketing. However, for those who have dreams of making millions, or even thousands, or even hundreds of dollars over night, then you require a reality check today. Being good at internet affiliate marketing requires substantial learning. While you do not have to invest to start marketing affiliate products, you may need to invest in some form of training and tools to aid you in your endeavor. At the same time, while you can find many ads which promote internet affiliate marketing as a job that you only need to do one or two hours a day, or even some hours in a week, this is simply not how it works in the beginning. While you will be able to definitely get started your affiliate marketing career training with a part-time basis, you will have to put in so much, if not more, time and additionally effort “on the job” when you would in a traditional corporation.

When people compare internet marketing with many other jobs, you will as well see that this field is extremely competitive. If you set in the training, time and energy to reach your goal on this business, you will employ a very lucrative future.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Website

How to Increase Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Website. Having an affiliate marketing website will do you little good if it is not well-ranked in the search engines. If you are well-ranked, on the other hand, your site will come up when someone does a search

How to Increase Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Website

Having an affiliate marketing website will do you little good if it is not well-ranked in the search engines. If you are well-ranked, on the other hand, your site will come up when someone does a search for the types of products and or services you are offering, or information that is relevant to that. There are many ways that you can increase your site’s rankings. Here are just a few of them.

First of all, you should try to add new content to your website or blog on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb is to do this about 2 times a week. If you’re stuck about what to write about, do a product review, or take an article that you’ve written and break it up into more detailed points. You can also do an article about a video that is relevant, or an e-book that you’ve read.

Next, an easy way to get your website indexed is to submit it to directories. Many directories are free and some charge you to submit your site but they offer greater visibility. There are thousands of directories to choose from. Try to add your site to 10 to 20 directories a month, or you can hire a person or a service to do it for you for not too much investment.

Article directories are another great asset of affiliate marketers. While it does take some time to write articles and submit them to the directories, it is completely free and very effective. There are two schools of thoughts on this. Some say that you can submit your article to the top three directories, and others say it works better to submit them to hundreds of directories. If you do choose to submit them to many directories, you might want to consider investing in some article submission software.

Making use of forums are another way that you can establish both credibility and links to your site. Try to stay active in at least one forum by asking genuine questions and answering what you can. If you can keep up with it, try to contribute at least one comment per day. This will definitely generate links to your affiliate marketing website. Use the same principle to post comments on highly ranked blogs. If possible, comment on blogs that are ranked higher than your website or blog is.

Use socialmarker to bookmark your site on some of the social bookmarking sites. Do not bookmark your site on all the sites at one time or in one day. Instead, do it in a random fashion. Bookmark your site with one social website on one day, along with some other sites, and maybe the next day bookmark your site twice along with some other sites, and maybe skip a day of bookmarking your site.

These are just some ways to get your affiliate marketing website ranked to get more traffic. Heaps for info on our affiliate site !