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110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 7

Re-Vamping Your Website

Now that you have learned all the basic concepts you need to know and understand about how to drive more traffic to your website, it is time to put all those learnings to great use. Enticing people to visit your site is the first important goal. However, you need to make your website look visitor-worthy so that whatever traffic that comes your way will stay, and, hopefully, bring in more visitors. Here’s the last part of the traffic generation video series.

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 7

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 6

Additional Traffic Generation Tips

Now that you have understood the basic concepts of SEO, PPC, social media, and article marketing, it is time to learn how to use the rest that the cyber world has to offer on how to drive more traffic to your website. Pay attention to the tips outlined on this 6th installment of the traffic generation series.

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 6

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 5

Blogging and Forums Traffic Generation Tips

Blogging has invaded the cyber world by storm. Everyone wants to blog. Although blogs are sometimes not all that they seem to be, it is possible to make use of blogging todrive more traffic to your website. Check out this 5th video installment of the traffic generation series to find out how.

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 5

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 4

Pay Per Click (PPC) Traffic Generation Tips

PPC Advertisements work with pay per click, which means that as an advertiser, you only pay if someone clicks on your advertisement. You only pay for potential customers, not just for anybody who happens to stumble upon your ad.

PPC marketing works in conjunction with keywords and keyword phrases. Watch the 4th part of this traffic generation series which will help you drive more traffic to your website through PPC Advertising.

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 4

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 3

Article Marketing Traffic Generation Tips

Article marketing is a revolutionary way to use your content to drive more traffic to your website, and is one of the best ways to direct your audience to your site. As long as you populate your site with interesting and informative content, readers will keep coming back to your site and click on your links in the hope of learning more from you. In order to achieve that, here is the third video with more tips on how to generate traffic to your website through article marketing.

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 3

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 2

Social Media Traffic Generation Tips

Take advantage of the internet’s social nature through the use of social media in order to generate traffic that will target your niche. Below is the next part of the Traffic Tips series, which will provide you with tips on how to utilize social media to drive more traffic to your website.

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 2

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 1

SEO Traffic Generation Tips

SEO, or search engine optimization, always go together with traffic generation. In order to gain traffic (and more traffic) to your site, it must be optimized, particularly your ads. When it comes to SEO, make sure you concentrate on optimizing your ads and site in order to drive more traffic to your website.

SEO consists of three important elements: keywording, linking, and content. To better help you out, here’s a video on how to generate maximum traffic to your website through search engine optimization.

110 Bite Sized Traffic Tips – Part 1

100 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website – Part 5

81. Create Backlinks with Article Marketing

One of the ways to build quality backlinks is through article marketing. Article marketing allows you to get your content in front of many different people, and drive more traffic to your website. In the author bio or resource section of your articles, you are able to insert links or anchor texts and drive more traffic to your website. A useful way of using the links is to direct traffic to a squeeze page with a related opt in offer.

82. Spread Your Articles

Once you have generated articles to be distributed to many article marketing directories, you can distribute your articles manually, or you can utilize the paid service Distribute Your Articles to send your articles to many article directories at once. Or use this software to help you: Article Marketing Robot.

83. Take advantage of the Free Traffic System

The Free Traffic System is a tool that publishes your content and backlinks to blogs that are relevant to your field.

84. Title Tag Optimization

Ensure that your title tags include the keywords you are aiming to rank on the Google search engine. By doing so, you increase the chances of ranking in Google and gaining more visitors from searches containing those keywords. Here’s a great software that automates your on-page optimization: SEO Pressor.

85. Select a Smart Domain

A domain name that includes the keywords you are optimizing for really gives you an advantage over everyone else aiming to rank for those words.

86. Insert a translation widget to your website

Install a translation widget to your website if you want non-english traffic to your site. One such widget can be the Google Translate Tool.

87. Submit your Site to Search Engines

Manually present your new website to Google, Yahoo and BING to inform them to crawl it on a constant basis. For a WordPress blog, add the Google XML Sitemaps plugin to enable crawling spiders to check out your site consistently.

88. Network with Other Bloggers in Your Niche

Participate in blogging events and link with other bloggers in your niche. The more connections you build with other bloggers, the better. Tweetups are a great way to meet individuals if you are on Twitter and Eventcast is a cool way to keep up with the events your friends are participating in.

89. Install Google Analytics and Optimize Your Site

Install Google Analytics to track variables that will provide you with insight on how to improve your site. For WordPress bloggers, use the plugin Google Analyticator to easily install the Google Analytics tracking code. One suggestion is that by looking at the exit means of visitors, you can see which pages should be tweaked to prevent people from bouncing from your website. You can find Google Analytics here:

90. Comment on other blogs

Mashable and TechCrunch are big blogs where many people visit to read stuff. Be the first to remark on their posts for maximum visibility.

91. Include your Blog to Technorati

Include your blog to Technorati and all of your blog posts will be imported there, giving your website powerful backlinks from an authority site each time you publish your content.

92. Spy on Your Competitors’ Links

Find your biggest competitors by searching for your keywords in Google. Take the highest results from there and spy on their backlinks. Imitate your competitor’s URL and paste it in the yahoo search bar in this way: link:pageurl This will show to you the links that are directing to this page so that you can attempt to duplicate them.

93. Encourage Active Commenting

Make the conversation going on in your website by answering comments with an inquiry. One of the techniques to get your first comment is to be the first to react on your own post. Your first comment may be asking people what they think about the post you wrote. Prevent from putting them down if they dispute, and you’ll have plenty of comments in no time. For WordPress users, consider putting in the disqus commenting plugin, which allows users to login with Facebook or Twitter, and then share their comment with these networks.

94. Create a post about Twitter

It has been observed that content that deals with Twitter tends to be spread on Twitter very abundantly and writing about Facebook have a tendency to retweet quite as well, and posts about Facebook are also “Liked” liberally on Facebook.

95. Alltop

Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop syndicates top stories about a gigantic variety of topics so submit your site to it and many will find you through it.

96. DMOZ

DMOZ is a highly esteemed directory and getting listed on it, your website holds a lot of clout in the search engines. Every new link to DMOZ is manually re-evaluated, and few are acknowledged, so you may or may not be incorporated but it is still completely worth a try.

97. Put Your Site Everywhere

Get your site address known by doing a little Guerilla Marketing. Several ideas: Give away business cards with an incentive for individuals to visit your site on them and leave them all over the place. You may also get a decal of your URL for your car. Do anything it takes to get folks to your website!

98. Request your Readers for Feedback

Don’t be scared to ask for opinions from folks about what they think of your website because the better you can develop your site to be, the more visits you will get over time from recurring visitors.

99. Track your Rank in the Search Engines

Check out the free Rank Checker Firefox plugin to regularly check your place in Google. In this way, you can track your results and make attempts to enhance your site ranking. Market Samurai also has a rank checker tool.

100. Do not install ads

Make it popular, then monetize. Before adding ads, first make sure that you already have a steady quantity of traffic and repeat visitors to your website because ads send traffic from your website elsewhere on the internet, and once your site visitors click away, they may never return.

100 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website – Part 4

61. Give away some Swag with your site address

If you are looking for an offline method to promote your website, consider giving away some swag. Everyone loves swag. Make the swag you give out as cool as possible so that people really wear it. Go to for some ideas.

62. Post Content on a Consistent Basis

To create a regular readership on your website, produce content regularly. Try to get your next few posts on reserve so that you can always get your content out on the same day even if your week gets busy and you don’t have a chance to produce new content.

63. Set up a Podcast

Set up a Podcast to get your content out to the millions of people with iPods and other Apple merchandise. It allows you to build up an audience who you can develop strong relationships with. You can learn more about podcasting here: Niche Podcasting.

64. Invite People to Stumble Your Posts

Make your content appealing and StumbleUpon can be an enormous source of traffic for your website. Ask your friends to stumble your content.

65. Use the Link Shortener is StumbleUpon’s link shortener and when you utilize to shorten a link it will certainly submit your content to StumbleUpon.

66. SocialAdr

SocialAdr is a social bookmarking service that lets you to have your bookmark kept by others in the community if you share the content of others. Users choose the content that they want to bookmark, bookmark it, and SocialAdr automatically also bookmarks it on several bookmarking sites at once.

67. OnlyWire allows you to send your content to up to 45 social sharing sites at once. If you are using WordPress, utilize the OnlyWire plugin so that when you post your content, it will be bookmarked to the 45 social bookmarking sites.

68. Install a Facebook “Like” button

By just clicking the Facebook “Like” buttons, people will be imparting your content with their community and drive more traffic to your website. For WordPress users, you can use the WP FB “Like” plugin.

69. Connect to your website in your Email Signature

You can direct traffic to your site with every email you send. So, set up a custom signature with a link to your website. In addition, have it as an anchor text with the name of your website, because in that way, there is a good chance that it will get clicked on.

70. Customize your 404 error page

Suggest other content on your website to visitors with a custom designed 404 page. This is so that even if they accidentally land on that page, they don’t bounce from your website.

71. Interlink your Pages

Establish links that link internally within your website because the more links you have within your content to other content on your website, the better your site will place in Google. This will also mean more traffic for you. So, interlink the pages on your website as often as is relevant.

72. Highlight your Popular Content

Popular content on your website is most likely to be shared by your site visitors, which will in turn get more traffic for you. So, make it easy for your visitors to get hold of your best content.

73. Solo Ads

Look for a reputable list owner who assures a certain amount of clicks and work out a deal for the list owner to send a list for you for a payment. This is list building technique you can make use of to generate more traffic to your website.

74. Create a controversial (yet site-related) post

Controversy and intrigue are old tricks that drive more traffic to your website but they still prove to be the most successful in getting your content shared popularly on the net. So, make a controversial post which is industry or niche related.

75. Pay for advertisement – PPC, CPC, CPA, CPL … to name a few

Paying for advertisement is a fast way for your website to gain exposure and recognition especially when it is a totally new site. Then again, it takes good quality, solid, and value-giving content to retain your viewership in the long run.

76. Construct a post “101…” on anything

We all love lists. Examples of lists include, 100 ways to get certain results or ranking lists like the top most trendy songs, etc. Generate lists on anything or to make it more useful, create lists of a topic that is currently popular.

77. Speed up your Website

When we think about the internet, we are usually talking about speed. When a site takes more than a few seconds to load, some visitors will leave simply because they are in a hurry. Therefore, speed it up. This can be achieved by compressing your images or placing a w3 cache plugin to your WordPress site.

78. Optimize your Images

Optimize your pictures by compressing their size, label their alt tags and title so that they can be seen by image search engines, such as Google Images, quite easily.

79. Find Quality Website Hosting

Even if you can drive a lot of traffic to your website, your traffic might not have a site to look at if your website can’t show because your website hosting is of poor quality. Go with a host that is well established and has great client service. A web host that is very consistent is Hostgator.

80. Create Backlinks

Link building is one of the surest ways to get your website ranked on Google so that you can direct huge amounts of traffic to your website. However, when building backlinks, always bear in mind that it is the quality of links that matter over the quantity of links. One link from an authority website can do more for your website than 1,000 poor quality links. Here’s a great software that helps generate you a ton of backlinks: SEO Link Vine.